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    We help to manage your business risks. We enable your business with the right security solutions. We make privacy compliance easy.




    Security as a service

    Finnish pension information system services provider.


    Secrays provides security and privacy as managed service for Arek.


    Arek CTO Satu Koskinen is very satisfied with our services: "Secrays is competent and willing to exceed customer expectations"


    Our roles in Arek are essential for security management. We provide security manager, advisor and architect roles.




    Security manager as a service

    Secrays security management services

    Team power or a dedicated expert


    Besides appointed security manager, you will get to use the skills and experience of all our experts.


    We also provide privacy officer services!

    WhiteHat Security

    A leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for application security testing.

    Security testing as a service


    Secrays provides world class security testing with WhiteHat Sentinel services.


    Propentus United Identity

    High quality identity management

    Identity. User rights. Life cycle.


    Secrays provides IAM solutions based on Propentus products. 


    Propentus United Identity ties all personal, contractual and organisational information into one coherent identity.


    We provide security and privacy services from startups to established corporations.

    • Risk and threat management made easy
    • Startup security, win your cases with our insight
    • Privacy compliance, we provide practical solutions to your regulation challenges
    • Software development security, from requirements to security testing

    Security does not have to beboring!

    Secrays can provide you with animations that will familiarize the end-users with information security in an interesting and engaging way. Contact us for details.

    Be secure or be square!


    Elina Niemimaa

    Privacy Consultant

    Elina is an experienced security management professional. She has worked with banks, multinational companies and pension insurance companies. Elina provides understandable and cost efficient solutions for security.

    Customers have appreciated Elina's instant insights for security and privacy issues.

    Pauli Kauppila

    Security Architect

    Pauli has a wide range of experience in software development, security and entrepreneurship. Pauli has helped customers with security architecture solutions and successfully managed business risks through technology.

    Customers have returned to Pauli whenever they need a secure solution for their business.


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    Jyrki Nivala

    Jyrki Nivala

    Security Consultant

    Jyrki has worked in multinational companies and with several customers.

    With him you will get security solutions that fit your business needs.

    Customers have thanked Jyrki for understanding their specific business environment.


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    Mika Tolvanen

    Mika Tolvanen

    Security Consultant

    Mika has over fifteen years of experience in the information security management and security technologies. Mika has excellent competence in the field of information security management system development, system and network security architectures as well as security audits.

    Customers have been satisfied with Mika's expertise in delivering real business value by finding reasonable security solutions that match their needs.

    Eero Paajanen

    Eero Paajanen

    Privacy Consultant

    Eero’s special know-how is privacy protection. His master’s thesis examined how General Data Protection Regulation affects organizations and what kind of benefits AWS cloud platform offers.


    Eero has a keen interest for business development. In particular, he has gained experience in identifying business problems and enhancing business practices by utilizing new technology and cloud services.

    In Secrays, Eero helps customers to find various solutions in order to ensure compliance with the GDPR.

    Janne Valo

    Janne Valo

    Privacy Consultant

    Janne is a privacy expert who helps customers navigate the GDPR and other legal requirements while keeping the business needs in focus. With legal and business experience from both private and public sectors, he helps clients to find effective and clear solutions for safeguarding their data.

    Petri Vetikko

    Petri Vetikko

    Security Consultant

    Petri is a cybersecurity expert with experience in customer security and General Data Protection Regulation projects. To GDPR requirements Petri has answered with ISO 27001 based approach. Petri’s experience extends also to Cloud based technologies, mobile security applications and project management.




    Security solutions for your business needs.



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    Elina: + 358 40 687 0791

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